Mark Pearson-Gills is a Melbourne, Australian-native

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Mark Pearson-Gills has had an interesting and expansive career in chiropractic work. He has been lucky enough to work in several countries, which has enabled him to expand his appreciation for the value of customer service. Being able to work with different doctors, firms, and customers all over the world has allowed Mark Pearson-Gills to more fully understand the chiropractic services industry.

Mark Pearson-Gills is a Melbourne, Australian-native. He was born and raised in the southeastern suburbs of that city. Mark Pearson-Gills was able to finish his secondary education by 1988 and obtain his Victoria Certificate Education (VCE). In the immediate aftermath of receiving his Victorian Certificate Education, Mark Pearson-Gills worked as an apprentice to a carpenter for a few years. This enabled him to retain his focus and find out what it was that he really wanted to do later on. He took a couple of years off of his tertiary studies to figure it out, but in 1991 he applied to, and was accepted into, RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. Mark Pearson-Gills enrolled in RMIT University’s prestigious chiropractic program. This is a five year program and in 1996, Mark Pearson-Gills brought his time at RMIT University to a close by receiving his degree and becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic.

Mark Pearson-Gills suffered from very serious health issues as a child, around the age of thirteen. These health issues were due to a series of falls and accidents that Mark Pearson-Gills sustained earlier in life. In 2003/4, Mark Pearson-Gills was able to travel to the United States in order to visit some of the most highly respected chiropractors in the entire world. Mark Pearson-Gills is today active in the Australian branch of the World Chiropractic Alliance. He is interested in representing his industry professionally, with integrity.

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